With one call to Senez Solar Energy Protection our Techs will inspect the window film Pacific Tint Las Vegas in your attic to see if it meets the levels recommended for your area by the DOE.

Armorcoat Safety & Security Film is made from only the highest-quality materials, such as tough, high tensile polyester and ultra-strong mounting adhesives – available in thicknesses ranging from 4 Mil to 14 Mil (.004″ to014″ or 100 to 350 microns). It comes in optically clear and solar control versions. Plus, stronger glass resilience can be achieved with attachment system options. Sol Control Window Tinting will help you select the right level of protection for your property from our wide variety of thicknesses, films and performance levels.

Window tinting solutions are available for heat rejection, glare reduction and UV fade protection from UV sun rays fading the interiors of a home and office. Window Tint Florida employees only experienced window film raftsmen who take pride in their work and make certain that each client is a tremendous third party referral. We match the right window film solution to your window film requirements and provide exceptional service through out all aspects of your window tinting installation and insure you are provided with the best in service and installation at your home or business.

Purchased this to reduce glare and UV rays. Also to offer some privacy in the daytime. This product is like putting sunglasses on your windows. I have completed 4 windows so far by myself. The balance of the windows to cover will require some help, as they are larger in size. It would be best to have a helper install the film, as the film sticks to itself very easy when you are removing backing. You don”t want the film to crease, as the crease marks cannot be removed when you install the film. One thing to think about before installing the film: at night when you look out the window, there is a mirror effect which makes it difficult to see through. When I let my dogs out at night, I like to look through the window to see if they finished going potty. Fortunately the dogs are white and I can see them, but not with the clarity you have without having window film.

The Best Window Tinting in Florida….period. – I’ve just gone back to Sun Stop Tinting for the second time. After having my previous vehicle done there I knew that there was only one choice. It’s a shame that there has to be a Con.. but realistically, most people would find that Sun Stop is a bit more expensive than most of the places that one might find lining the roads from St. Pete to Spring Hill. But you can’t put a price on value. Value is the what one puts on the items and services that they acquire. And they are willing to pay the price accordingly because the feel that it satisfies their need.